Kuchena; adorning you and your spirit.

Based in Arlington Virginia, Kuchena, is a fashion brand inspired by my home country, Malawi also known as the Warm Heart of Africa. “Kutchena” is derived from the Chichewa word meaning “to look and feel good.” A step beyond the norm, Kuchena not only strives to adorn one’s outer appearance but equally aims to adorn ones inner beauty. Each day when we style our hair and put on our clothes we do more than just cover up our bodies. The Kuchena philosophy is that we choose styles that represent the times we live in, our personalities, moods, ambitions, and desires. Through unique hand sewn pieces that are customized by design, Kuchena embraces ones individuality and right to boldly profess their stance in the world. A leading online accessory community, our brand is rooted and grounded in self-love.

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